1. Services Offered


John will:-

1.1.  Treat you with respect and behave professionally at all times

1.2.  Provide services as described on the website to the best of his ability

1.3.  Respond to all written communication within 24 (48 hours at the weekend)

1.4   If he arrives late, extend the time of future sessions  at no charge (and if more than 10 minutes late provide a free 1-hour session)

1.5   Endeavour to provide you with at least 48 hours notice of cancellation.  

1.6   Make you aware of these terms of business at the Initial Assessment and prior to agreeing any paid services


You will:-

1.7  Treat John with respect and behave reasonably at all times

1.8.  Pay for each series of lessons in full and in advance

1.9.  Attend all sessions booked by you at the agreed venue and time,  Failure to attend will not result in any refunds.  Late attendance will result in a shortened session with no refund being due. 

1.10.  Provide at least 48 hours notice should you wish to re-arrange a session

1.11  Accept these terms  of business as a condition of taking any of the paid services offered

 2.  The Money Back Guarantee


2.1.  This offer is open to anyone booking a series of (at least 4) sessions and who paid in full prior to the commencement of the sessions

2.2.  At least 2 hours of individual practice time and 2 hours of frame-time must be completed after each session 

2.3.  There must be clear evidence of no improvement having been made


2.4.  At the end of the series of sessions, evidence of progress (or lack of) will have been obtained from the initial assessment.  In the event that no material improvement has been observed, John will offer an immediate refund in full

2.5.  If the customer feels there has been no progress, this must be stated verbally during the final lesson

2.6.  This will need to be followed up within 48 hours of the final session, with details by email (so that in the event of a refund, John has evidence to support the payment)

2.7.  Claims must detail what practice has taken place between sessions 

2.8.  Any claim must be from the individual being coached (or for under 18s, their parent or guardian)


2.9. In the event that a refund is due, the cost paid for the series of sessions will be refunded only.  (No liability is accepted for any expenses, losses or claims arising, as a result of attendance at the sessions). 

2.10. Refunds will be paid by cheque made payable to the person named on the claim (please allow 7 days for the processing of your refund)


2.11. This offer is made in good faith and John reserves the right to terminate, amend or extend this offer

2.12.  This offer does not apply to how the coaching has been delivered.  Any issues with this should be  notified using one of the written contact options provided on this website, within 48 hours of the relevant session