The following process is designed to be in line with latest WPBSA standards as at May 2017


This is a brief discussion to assess your current standard, and to understand what you want to achieve.  It's important to be honest, set realistic goals about what you want to achieve, based on your current level and how much time you're able to put in each week. We'll agree a venue for the session, which will need to be a place free from disturbance.  If you can send video footage of you playing, preferably a side-on view, John will review and comment on this for free and provide feedback during your first lesson.


If you want to achieve anything worthwhile you must have a clear idea of the goal and a plan to get there.

Following the initial assessment, an action plan will be put together, with your input and agreement.  

John will devise a series of sessions, normally 4 at a time and lasting for 1 hour each (separated by at least a week), supplemented by practice routines and technical changes for you to work on.


  • John will ensure the area is appropriate for the lesson and the equipment is up to standard.

  • In your first lesson you'll receive information covering the latest coaching methods and practice routines.

  • Coaching will be based on WPBSA "white-to-black" methodology which will be fully explained in the first session.

  • Your 1-hour session will take place.  You'll be kept very busy with different challenges during the lesson, always aiming for the highest standards. 

  • Coaching will be based mainly on performing shots, yourself and obtaining feedback from John with some verbal explanations and demonstrations from John. 

  • There's a range of coaching resources available also including video and cue action analysis.  

  • Afterwards John will summarise what went well and what needs working on.

  • At the end of your lesson series (normally 4 lessons) we'll review what's been achieved against your original goals.  Have you achieved your goals? If so, do we need new goals?  If not, why not and what are we going to do about it?


How much you improve is directly related to the amount of quality practice that you put in.  You will need to know what, and how, to practice and this is where John will help you, with access to over 1000 routines and exercises.  Take the advice.  Rewards will come your way!

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